Who We Are

Fiddleblack is an aesthetic, not a term in reference to a tangible thing. Rather, we’re something rigid and imagined. Very much a construct for underground literature. And at that, one continually in pursuit of the metaphysical. A cartographer of self amid place.

Moreover, we’re a note of allegiance to a certain kind of author and reader. We move with a sense of continuity in our content choices, with the hope for more branded and consistent literature for literature’s sake.

What We Do

Fiddleblack is both a small press and journal of literature. We publish fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction, and we’re interested in literary and speculative works of a certain shade or otherwise starry character.

We edit, design, produce, house and sell your work ourselves—in both traditional and digital formats. Our focus is narrow and precise, but our love for the art is great.

Why Read On

Readers and writers interested in Fiddleblack are individuals seeking a consistent kind of story. Inspired by the comic book world, we tend to publish the same themes and authors recurrently. The work we publish can be categorized as atmospheric, solipsist, transgressive and often dark.

We urge you to become involved with Fiddleblack and share the experiences you take from our brand.